7135 palen kort_Camera_5 Hoek 150 Vloer-plafond7135 palen kort_Camera_5 Hoek 150 Vloer-plafond
7135_Camera_3 Zijaanzicht rechts Vloer-plafond7135_Camera_3 Zijaanzicht rechts Vloer-plafond
7135_Camera_Isometrisch2 Vloer-plafond7135_Camera_Isometrisch2 Vloer-plafond
7135 foto 17135 foto 1

indoor lcd

Floor-ceiling model
2 x 49’’

Let customers configure products on a tablet at the bottom of the screen. Choose a mirror or magnetic plate instead of screens for other applications. This model is adjustable in height and can be clamped between the floor and the ceiling. 

Suitable for up to two 49’’ displays (excl. monitors)
Available for different screen sizes
690 x 2300-4000 x 150 mm (WxHxD)
Powder coating in desired standard RAL colour